4 thoughts on “Pure Body Treasure products are all organic and natural!

  1. Amazing product! My Fianc√©’ is a lotion freak and she loves these products. She was also very please with the ingredients. My favorite is the MENS body wash “Rouge 4”, It has a Clean Fresh Man scent. I haven’t been able to find a product that washes extremely well and also doesn’t smell like a Girly Flower until I found Pure Body Treasures Rouge 4! TRY IT!

  2. GOATS MILK SOAP- I havent used soap in 25 years, I use shower gels & I use top brand all natural face wash, my face screams for moisturizer after I wash it. I tried the goats milk soap & Im impressed!!! My skin was not left dry feeling at all & my face not dry feeling at all, face didnt scream for moisturizer. The soap smells delicious. The bar is a nice big bar. I think Im going to change to this from what I had been using. I cant wait to try some of the other products

  3. TRIPLE BODY BUTTER- I swear I have the driest skin in the country, just normally using hands my fingers split all time. All winter I feel like I should invest in a bandade co. So I tried this Triple Body Butter & Its amazing! My skin is no longer dry. fingers dont split open. My skin feels healthy & look healthy, there’s a nice healthy sheen to my skin now & my skin is soft. Im loving this product! I will be purchasing more before I run out, I dont want to be w/o it now. A little goes a long way, U dont need gobs of it, Does not leave you oily feeling either.

  4. I had the wonderful pleasure of using your Sugar Scrub product today. When I first open the container of scrub, I was blown away by the wonderful smell. When I applied it to my skin, I thought that it was going to leave my skin slimy and filmy, but I was so mistaken. My skin is very soft and smells amazing. This scrub wasn’t abrasive like some scrubs and didn’t irritate my skin*. It made my whole bathroom smell awesome as well. *I have SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematous) and some scrubs and bath products irritate my skin. This scrub is amazing.

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